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Purely Giving Project

Giving back is an integral part of our ongoing quest to live purely and this month we want to show how grateful we are by giving back to those in need. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, we will be donating 10% of online sales throughout November to a non-profit chosen by you, our fans.
As members of 1% for the planet, our goal is to support non-profit organizations that strive to help the health of our planet and future generations. That is why we have chosen the following three non-profits: Feeding America, Slow Food USA and Charity:water as candidates for this month’s donations. All three organizations are doing amazing work in helping alleviate serious food and water related issues that are compromising the health of people in America and all over the world. Please read up on these organizations and take our poll to vote for the non-profit that you feel should be the recipient of 10% of this month’s sales. 
Poll is open through November 29th. Click here to cast your vote for our Purely Giving Project. 
Feeding America
Feeding America is a domestic hunger-relief charity that partners with a network of 202 food banks across the country to feed over 37 million Americans each year. Feeding America aids local and national food assistance programs that provide nutritious foods, safe locations for children to have meals, disaster relief and opportunities for adults to achieve food security. Feeding America also works with Congress and public officials to improve food assistance programs and increase awareness of America’s hunger problems. 
Slow Food USA:
Slow Food USA is a national non-profit that aims to transform our food system, so that people have access to clean, nutritious food. There are 225 chapters and 24,000 members across the country that head volunteer-led local projects, national advocacy campaigns, trainings and education. Slow Food USA supports farmers and artisans and encourages the consumption of local, seasonal, sustainably grown foods. Additionally, the organization advocates for eco-friendly food and farming policies that benefit both the farmers and the food recipients.
Charity: Water 
Charity: water is a non-profit that strives to supply people in developing nations with clean, safe drinking water. A total of 4,282 water projects around the world have been funded, each utilizing different water technologies to provide villages, schools, clinics and sanitation facilities with clean water sources. Charity: water allocates 100% of donations directly towards water project costs such as pump heads, cement and pipes.
Poll is open through November 29th. Click here to cast your vote for our Purely Giving Project. 
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