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Purely Elizabeth Takes on Climate Ride

Photo from Climate Ride

This Saturday, our very own purely team member will ride 300 miles over the course of 5 days from NYC to Washington, DC in support of bike advocacy and organizations working towards a sustainable future and clean energy. Julie will be accompanied by 200 others who will ride around 40-75 miles each day through the backroads and green countryside of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, before arriving at the Capitol in DC. The goal is to prove that we can create greener communities, where people ride bikes and minimize their ecological footprint and to raise crucial funding for environmental non-profits. 

Climate Ride is a non-profit organization that works towards bringing awareness to environmental issues related to the climate crisis. Climate Ride NYC-DC is one of the two rides that Climate Ride hosts each year. The other is a 5 day ride along the Pacific coast of California, which purely elizabeth founder, Elizabeth Stein will take on in September. 

Our mission at purely elizabeth is to live purely in all aspects of our lives, which means simplifying things and always looking for greener opportunities. As a member of One Percent for the Planet, each year we donate 1% of our sales to a non-profit organization committed to bettering the health of our environment. This year we’ve decided to give our 1% to Climate Ride to further support this worthy cause. 

So wish Julie and all of the other Climate Riders luck as they embark on their 5 day journey this Saturday and please check out to see how you can help!

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