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Purely Hits Boulder

Last week, we traveled to Boulder Colorado to bring some purely goodness to the Rocky Mountain region. Boulder is the mecca of the natural food world, and the perfect place to share our products and passion for healthier food alternatives. Our granola recently landed on the shelves of Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain region, so I couldn’t wait to go and support the brand. The trip started with a demo at Pearl Street Whole Foods.  
This location is by far the best Whole Foods store I have visited to date.  They have an amazing juice bar inside along with several other kiosks offering freshly prepared foods like “greens and grains”.
The next day we headed to set up for the Boulder Peak Triathlon expo.  It was quite nostalgic for me, as purely elizabeth literally got it’s start at a triathlon expo.  We’ve come a long way over the past two years and I could not have been more excited to be back at a triathlon expo, especially in Boulder, the mecca of not only the natural food world but also the triathlon world. 
The expo was a fantastic event for us as we sold out of product and made lots of happy new customers! 
Since purely elizabeth has been so crazy busy these days, Jason and I decided to do the triathlon as a relay instead of individually.  We had a blast on race day…
5am on Race Day
It seems that almost every restaurant in Boulder offers organic food along with gluten free and vegetarian options (can it get any better?!).  Here are a few of our meal/restaurant highlights in case you are planning a trip to Boulder…
The first night we headed to Raddo Trattoria. I had an incredible endive salad with a truffle citronette and gluten free pizza using Gluten Free Bistro crust. 
The Kitchen –  We had an amazing lunch at this farm to table restaurant that sources much of its produce locally and even recycles used cooking oil to power their car.
Roasted Portobello Mushroom with Hummus on Gluten Free Bread
Post race dinner at Pastavino, great decor, biodynamic wine and organic food:
Arugula Salad
Gluten Free Penne

Yummy Gluten Free Pizza

We ended the trip with an amazing dinner party at my friends Mark’s from Organic Food Brokers.  Much of the meal came from his garden and it could not have been more delicious.

Thanks to all the athletes who came out and supported us at the race expo. We<3 Boulder and can’t wait to return to the Rockies very soon!  
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