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Meet Our Newest Purely Elizabeth Ambassador, Alissa Robertson

What is your philosophy on living purely?

Living purely, to me, means eating, moving, and treating our bodies in a way that enhances all that we do in life. By definition nutrition is “the organic processed of being nourished.” Food should be friend, fuel, and fun. Physical activity and movement should be fun as well, and be something we look forward to doing daily because of how healthy and vibrant it makes us feel. Living purely also means treating our bodies with respect. Taking the time to breath, relax and take in the special moments each day.

How do you stay active?

Planning physical activity into my day has become a must and is something I truly miss if I am unable to move my body in some way, shape or form. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and pretty much anything physically active. Yoga, long walks and/or runs, hiking, and biking are activities I enjoy on a regular basis.

How do you stay healthy on a busy schedule?

As a full-time registered dietitian and health educator for the Vermont State Employees’ Wellness Program and an owner of Lifestyle Nutrition, a private practice nutrition counseling company, time seems to be something I don’t have a lot of. Staying healthy, however, is still a major priority in my life and something I don’t take lightly. The key for me has been pre-planning. I have a day-planner that I live by, in which I pre-plan when I’m going to exercise during my day based on other priorities I have scheduled. I also find it helpful to pack my lunch and snacks for my day the night before. This way I’m never without healthy options and am sure to stay full and satisfied throughout my day.

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