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Our Ancient Grain Granola Now Featuring 100% Certified Organic Gluten Free Oats

In our quest to help you eat and live a healthier life, we’ve made the switch to 100% certified organic gluten free oats. We have been using certified gluten-free oats from the start, but unfortunately the cost of organic AND certified gluten-free oats was very high as there were very few suppliers providing this option. In an effort to keep our granola at an affordable price level, we forwent organic oats until now. We have found wonderful oats that are the best of both worlds and even taste better! They are lighter and crunchier, proving that eating healthy doesn’t mean having to sacrifice taste. We are thrilled to let you know that all of our Ancient Grain Granolas are now certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. You will notice our new package design in stores now to reflect these new changes.

Why organic? Foods sold as “organic” are grown according to strict guidelines. Farmers who grow organic foods make use of sophisticated, natural farming methods. For example, organic farmers rotate crops, hand weed, allow animals to graze and give them organic feed, etc. No synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides are used on crops and no growth hormones or antibiotics are used on animals or in their feed. Also, organic farming methods are designed to reduce pollution and conserve the natural environment. Thus, when you eat organic foods you are helping save the planet and steering clear of chemicals, all at the same time!

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