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What We’re Purely Loving This Week








Elizabeth- Loving  Almond Strawberry “PBJ” Coco-roons. They are a delicious and healthy sweet treat made with ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil and maple syrup.










Julie- This week I am purely loving the fact that I signed up for Bike MS NYC! Since Climate Ride, my workout ethic has definitely dropped significantly. I’ve realized that I am most motivated to stay active when I have specific training goals and a definite end date to reach them. Plus, I am raising money for a cause that has particular significance to me, which feels great!


(Julie has a goal of raising $1,200 for the National MS society, to support MS research, and to provide programs and services for people living with MS, their friends and families. Help Julie raise money for MS! )


Caroline- I’m purely loving “The Chalkboard“. It’s a blog about clean foods, health and wellness by Pressed Juicery. It has a lot of great recipes and health tips from different experts. My favorite part of the blog is its “Superfood Spotlights”, where it introduces a superfood and tells you all you need to know about it. It also has great photos, which is ALWAYS a plus!


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