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What We’re Purely Loving This Week







Elizabeth- I just started reading “People Before Profit: The Inspiring Story of the Founder of Bob’s Red Mill” and am loving the book.  After meeting Bob several times at trade shows and using some of his ingredients in our products, it is especially interesting to read his story. So far the book has been super inspiring in learning how he runs the company.

Caroline- I’m probably very late in discovering this… which I’m kicking myself for. But, I just downloaded MapMyRun on my iPhone and it’s the best! It’s a free iPhone app that allows you to track your workouts. It gives you a gps map of where you’re running and tells you your time and distance. It then saves it in a log so you can keep a record of all your runs!

Julie- I’m purely loving brussels sprouts this week! We bought a bag for the office at the beginning of the week and have all been munching on the healthy seasonal vegetable. We made a really great raw brussels sprout salad with dried cranberries, manchego cheese and freshly squeezed lemon. To finish it off, we sprinkled granola on top for an added sweetness and crunch!

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