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Giveaway Day 6: Sir Kensington’s

Purely Holiday Giveaway Sir Kensington's

Visit our Facebook today to enter for a chance to win a gift box from
Sir Kensington’s + purely elizabeth.

Meet the Sir Kensington’s Team









What’s on your holiday wish list? Any delightful and newfangled whirly-gigs would do the trick. Although, I do have my sights set a few particular items:

1. An automated mustache curler.  My current mustache-curling instrument is but a simple comb.

2. Rare Sub-Himalayan spices to tinker with.

3. A plot of lush farmland in the Scottish Southern Uplands, preferably overlooking a local loch.

What are your favorite holiday foods? Any preparation of wild game, although I am partial to a marinade of saffron salt and whole cloves served with a healthy dollop of homemade mint jelly.

What are you most looking forward to in 2013? A new year means another year to time travel back to.

What’s your newest product, recently released or in the works? That is top-secret information, although I encourage you to keep your ears to the ground and eyes peeled!

How can people find + connect with you? You may converse with me directly via: and Or simply send an electronic note to:

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