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Giveaway Day 14: Little Duck Organics

Purely Holiday Giveaway Little Duck Organics

Meet Zak from Little Duck Organics  

Picture 14

What’s on your holiday wish list? I would like a leather bag, some black jeans, a new pair of new sunglasses, a couple more tattoos, a clear mind, a few hours with a good book, inbox zero, and some good scotch.  Thank you. Goodnight.

What are your fav holiday foods? Turkey, pecan pie, butternut squash, egg nog, cranberry sauce, carmel corn, Apple Pie, Dec 26th Pancakes, Dec 26th Sticky buns, Dec 26th Bacon, Green Beans, Dec 26th brioche

What are you most looking forward to in 2013? A solid year for Little Duck filled with new product launches and growing the company with my team.

What’s your newest product, recently released or in the works? In January, Mighty Oats, our organic baby cereal, will be hitting shelves in Whole Foods nationwide. We’re really excited about it. The packaging has zero net waste. You can even plant the packaging and grow veggies with your kiddos. Keep your eyes out and let us know when you spot it.

How can people find + connect with you? We geek out on FacebookInstagramTwitter  BlogWebsitePinterest, snail mail, etc. So we’re pretty hard not to find. Come hang with us!


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