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Purely Favorites: Meet Alison Cooper

Purely Favorites Alison Cooper

Tell us a little about yourself… I grew up in NJ and currently live in NYC with my husband Sascha. I am one of the co-founders and head coaches of the Empire Tri Club with my cousin Jessica who lives in Boston. I’ve been doing triathlons for more than 12 years, and have been teaching and coaching athletes for more than 6. In addition to running the Empire Tri Club, I coach for the New York Road Runners Charity Program (Team for Kids) and teach at Equinox Clubs around the city. I love traveling and have been around the world twice. My husband and I recently spent our honeymoon exploring Argentina & Brazil!

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? Enjoy everything in moderation & Don’t sweat the small stuff. I try not to get worked up over little things or stuff I can’t control. Also, when you do things in moderation, you don’t burn out or get injured. Listen to your body and back off when you need to. I love food and could never deprive myself of the foods I love. If you love ice cream (like I do), then eat ice cream – but don’t down the whole pint.

Favorite snack? Purely Elizabeth Granola (really!) I like all the flavors but my favorite is probably Cranberry Pecan, I also love Plain Greek Yogurt with Agave, and anything with Chocolate in it!

Favorite drink? Zico Chocolate Coconut Water OR Inko’s White Tea. I also love wine!

Favorite workout? Going for a long bike ride, or kayaking in the summer. In the Winter I LOVE skiing! I learned to telemark ski a few years ago which is a fun new challenge.

Favorite beauty product? Maybelline full & soft waterproof Mascara or Oil of Olay facial moisturizer

Favorite vacation destination? Skiing at Snowbird, Utah – they have some of the best terrain & TONS of snow! OR Martha’s Vineyard – there’s so much to do like swim, kayak, waterski, bike… or just relax on the beach or explore one of the towns. They have some amazing hiking trails and secluded beaches that are fun to explore.

Favorite kitchen gadget? My Blender – I make the best smoothies!

Favorite item you can’t live without? My passport – it enables me to travel to so many amazing places! I’ve been to more than 30 countries.

How can people connect with you? Facebook:, Website:, Email:, Twitter:, Or you can find me training in Central Park, or teaching indoor cycling classes at Equinox Clubs around the city.

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