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Purely Favorites: Meet Laurel Wassner

Purely Favorites Laurel Wassner

Tell us a bit about yourself… I am a professional triathlete, a twin, a cancer survivor, a New Yorker, and an aunt to (almost) 7. I am also a photographer and am learning how to be a better cook.

What is your philosophy on healthy living? I think anyone can make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle. Committing to exercise and a healthy diet is a surefire way to look and feel great. There is nothing better than the post workout glow and endorphin rush. It’s as easy as doing a workout class or going for a post dinner power walk.

What’s your favorite snack? My favorite snack is anything I can grab and eat quickly – usually before or after a workout. I tend to go for a handful of almonds or a handful of granola. And if i have a couple extra minutes I will fix up this favorite:

Favorite drink? My favorite drink is Chocolate flavored Zico coconut water. I got hooked on the plain while I was training in Tucson where it was very hot. They came out with chocolate flavor last year and now it serves as a both a snack, dessert and thirst quencher.

Favorite workout? Since I do three sports, I have three favorite workouts. For the bike it’s anything that involves climbing hills. There is a hill in the Palisades park in NJ called Ranger Station. Going up and down that 5 times is a great workout. For running, it’s interval work on the treadmill. I can totally zone out and visualize my races while practicing race pace. In my opinion, nothing makes you faster. My favorite swim workout is 10×500 on a 6 minute interval. If I can do this, I know I’m in good shape!

Favorite beauty product? It is hard to pick just one beauty product! I have a pretty low maintenance routine but must have some kind of moisturizer, I’m currently Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm to combat the chlorine and winter dry skin. Plus it has 25spf. I also also have a Bobbi Brown lip gloss in bright pink in my pocket at all times. Also my hair stylist recently introduced me to Fekkai Shea butter pot de creme. I keep this in my gym bag to control the frizz!

Favorite vacation destination? My favorite vacation destination is somewhere warm where I can ride my bike up mountains and then relax on the beach, like Maui.

Favorite kitchen gadget? My favorite kitchen gadget is an old-fashioned metal egg slicer. It’s such a simple design and works great.

Favorite item you can’t live without? My favorite item I can’t live without is my bike, it’s a Cervelo P3. I also can’t live without my running shoes!

How can people connect with you? Wassner Twins Facebook, twitter,

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