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What We’re Purely Loving This Week

Purely Love1-31

Caroline- Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt. This little pink glove gently removes all of your makeup without any cleanser. I like to use it when I’m lazy and don’t feel like washing my face or before I wash my face to quickly remove my makeup.

I’m also loving Quinn Popcorn. This healthy organic popcorn is free of GMOs and preservatives and comes in unique flavors. My favorite is the Parmesan Rosemary, but I’m also dying to try the Lemon & Sea Salt!

Jason- Bareburger. It’s a chain of burger restaurants in New York City. Their burgers are organic and all of their ingredients are locally sourced. The restaurants have a really cool, fun vibe and they offer crazy burgers like Elk, Bison and Ostrich.

Elizabeth- Mung Bean Pasta: a gluten free pasta alternative with 23 grams of protein made just with mung beans, no other nasty fillers, corn flour or potato starch.

Julie- These Bubi water bottles. They’re collapsible and reusable… pretty great idea.

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