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Purely Favorites: Meet Hilary Phelps

Purely Favorites Hilary Phelps

Tell us a bit about yourself… Former competitive swimmer and a yoga practicing Ironman triathlete, who enjoys attending Fashion Week, Ravens football and being in the kitchen.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? Eating clean foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and staying hydrated with water throughout the day. Preparing foods at home is a great way to eat healthy, because you control the ingredients and know what is going into the meal.

What’s your favorite snack? I love a crisp apple or grabbing a handful of raw almonds, raisins and cacao nibs. This combination is great to pack in my bag when I travel.

Favorite drink? I enjoy an almond milk latte in the morning with stevia. I’ve also gotten into making green juice, which is a great afternoon pick me up and the effervescence of Kombucha is a favorite.

Favorite workout? I go in cycles where I have to mix it up, but do something active every day. After swimming competitively for 15 years, I like having the option to mix-up the workouts. Right now, I’m in a huge yoga phase and enjoy hatha, power and vinyasa yoga.

Favorite beauty product? Chantecaille for my face, Alchimie Forever for my neck and chest and Kiss my Face for body lotion. Also a HUGE fan of the eyelash curler!

Favorite vacation destination? Beach. Any beach. Water is so calming and relaxing.

Favorite kitchen gadget? High speed blender! It’s a new addition to my kitchen and now that I use it daily, I don’t remember what cooking was like before it’s addition to the kitchen.

Favorite item you can’t live without? That’s a toss up between J. Crew jeans, my iPhone and house slippers — I’m all about comfort!

How can people connect with you? I’m on twitter at @hilaryphelps, as well as through my website where I have pieces on fashion, fitness, culture and culinary experiences.

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