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Purely Restaurants: Contigo

Meet Ben Edgerton, owner of Austin restaurant, Contigo. Modeled after Contigo Ranch in South Texas, the menu consists of “Fresh, Quality Bar Food”, inspired by Ben and Co-Owner and Executive Chef, Andrew Wiseheart’s ranching heritage and global travels. The food pairs well with beer, yet unlike most bar food theirs is made using the freshest ingredients. With 90% of the restaurant’s seating outdoors, Contigo makes for a fun, casual atmosphere. Perfect for enjoying good food, drinks and company under the open Texas sky.

Purely Restaurants Contigo

What is your philosophy on eating healthy? Healthy eating (for me) consists mainly of eating real foods, including raw and unprocessed produce, natural meats, and things in their whole form.

How would you describe the restaurant’s atmosphere? Outside. We are 90 % outdoor seating. We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere as a way to facilitate community.

 What inspired the restaurant’s cuisine? The restaurant’s cuisine is rooted in our ranching heritage, and draws from the global travels that our Co-Owner and Executive Chef Andrew Wiseheart has embarked upon.

What is a must order menu item? Rabbit & Dumplings

Are there gluten-free or vegan options? Yes.

What do you hope people take away from your restaurant? A true sense of community and hospitality.

What’s next? Dinner Service. 5:00 tonight. We can’t think too far ahead of the service we have each day, or we might forget that the guests we have tonight are the most important thing to our restaurant right now.

2027 Anchor Lane
Austin, TX 78723
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