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March Makeover: Day 7

Power down your electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime tonight. That means all computers, tablets, smartphones and TV’s — anything with an on-off switch that creates artificial light. Using technology before turning in for the night can disrupt our sleep cycles and prevent us from getting the quality shut-eye our bodies need. In fact, research has found that artificial light from computers, tablets and cellular phones may lower levels of melatonin in the brain, a hormone that regulates our internal clocks and impacts our sleep.

Sleep is an absolutely essential component in achieving optimal health, as it gives our bodies an opportunity to rest, rebuild, reboot and renew. Adequate sleep has also been proven to impact weight regulation, promote a healthy complexion, and boost immune function.

Opt out of surfing the web and texting before bed and turn to a book or journal instead. Reflect on your day, and set goals for tomorrow. When you wake up, note how you feel and use tomorrow’s meditation to start your day balanced and refreshed!

March Makeover Day 7

For more information on the health benefits of sleep and why you should deplug from technology before bedtime, take a look at some of the articles and resources below. 

New York Times article on the Impacts of Technology on Sleep

Whole Living’s Guide to Better Sleep

Huffington Post’s 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep 

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