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March Makeover: Day 15

March Makeover Day 15

Today, branch out of your comfort zone and take a class you’ve never tried before. It can be any kind of new class – exercise, art, cooking, photography. Just something that diversifies your daily routine and gives you the opportunity to discover a new passion or hobby. Have fun, and make sure to go into it with a positive attitude and open mind!

Below, we’ve added a few of the classes we’re dying to try here at Purely Elizabeth as inspiration.

Bar Method/PureBarre – The bar method and purebarre studio chains use a combination of ballet bars, light weights, and pilates techniques to create full body workouts that shape, tone, and tighten your muscles. Along with improving muscle definition, we’ve also been told that this method of training improves both posture and flexibility. Classes can get pricey, so look into new client offers for good deals to get you started.

Yoga – We love yoga here at Purely Elizabeth, and know all too well how easy it is to fall in love with a studio. But there are so many different kinds of yoga out there – ashtanga, vinyasa, and hatha, to name a few – and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from your usual routine and try out a new style.  Opt for a new studio today, and see how your body and mind react!

Cooking Class –Cooking classes are great because they’re so much fun to take as a group or with a date. The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York has a great selection of public classes that focus on healthy recipes and high-quality ingredients. If you’re not in New York, do a quick google search — you’ll probably be surprised by how many classes are offered in your area!

Art Classes – A number of universities offer elective art classes, such as water-painting, photography, pottery, and even jewelery making. Additionally, many cities have smaller institutions (such as 92Y in New York) specializing in continuing-ed art classes that give you the opportunity to try out a new creative hobby on a class-by-class basis.

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