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March Makeover: Day 20

Replace one meal with a vegetable juice today. Raw and organic vegetable juice is packed with vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting nutrients that boost your immune system and leave you feeling clean, refreshed and radiant.

Our bodies are constantly working to digest the food we eat throughout the day, as well as dealing with the stress and toxins we encounter on a daily basis. It takes about 18 hours for your body to eliminate just one meal. If you are like most Americans and eat three meals a day, your body is continuously working at breaking down that food for energy. When you stop eating solid food, your energy can turn to more important tasks and focus on cleaning up those areas that have been neglected for so long.

Try starting with our nutrient-rich Illuminating Elixir! It’s mostly vegetables, but you can add fruit to increase the sweetness. Beware though that adding fruit will also raise the sugar content. Many new juicers find it difficult to go straight to drinking pure vegetable juice, so go ahead and add some fruit if you need to but try to limit it to 1/2 cup per serving. It yields approximately 1.5 cups of juice. Double the recipe if you want to share or keep some in your fridge for later!

Illuminating Elixir

While we recommend making your own vegetable juice at home, we know this requires a lot of time and energy (and of course a juicer). If you’d rather grab a pre-made juice, make sure to look at the labels and pick one that is 100% organic, raw (unpasteurized) and preferably low in sugar and fruit content. Take a look below for some of our favorite fresh-pressed juices.

1.) Organic Avenue New York, NY. Nationwide Delivery. 

2.) Pressed Juicery Los Angeles, CA. Nationwide Delivery. 

3.) Juice Press New York, NY. Nationwide Delivery. 

4.) Blueprint Cleanse New York, NY. Nationwide Delivery. 

5.) Suja Juice Various Locations Nationwide. Nationwide Delivery. 

6.) Terri Vegetarian New York, NY.

7.) Sweet Green Washington, DC. 

8.) Juice Land Austin, TX. 

9.) Paleta Los Angeles, CA & Detroit, MI. Nationwide Delivery. 

10.) The Gem Dallas, TX. 

If you’re looking for a deeper detox, most of the companies above offer full cleanse packages running from 1-5 days. Flooding your body with nutrient-packed juices for longer periods of time allows for a full body shift into repair and healing mode. Most cleansers report feeling happier, healthier, lighter, and more radiant after completing their cleanse.

Cheers to a healthy, happy you!


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  1. Nancy Barness #

    This sounds great! I am going to try it!


    March 20, 2013

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