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Purely Love.

Purely Love 3-21

Caroline- I think these “seed paperthank you cards from Botanical Paperworks are so cool. They’re made with post-consumer materials and are embedded with wildflower seeds so you can actually plant the paper!

Megan- Birch bark cylinders for spring flowers. These birch cylinders are a beautiful addition to any coffee table or as a natural centerpiece for an outdoor spring gathering. I also love this Etsy handmade vase for spring flowers.

Foam roller. As the weather gets warmer we all tend to shift to more outdoor activities, such as running, walking and biking. This foam roller is great for your muscles and really helps reduce tension and tightness after a lot of activity. I use it mostly on my legs and lower back, and it feels amazing!

Julie- Klorane camomile shampoo. I’m a sucker for anything with chamomile and this gentle and natural shampoo makes my hair free great.

Elizabeth- I love these black bean tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks. They’re made with flax seeds and quinoa and are gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan.

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