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Purely Favorites: Liz Eustace

Purely Favorites Liz Eustace

Tell us a bit about yourself… First and foremost, I’m a mom of two sweet little kiddies – Lillie and Jasper and also the CEO of a yoga magazine called alignyo ( Though I thought I would be on a farm at this point, growing my own veggies and collecting eggs in the morning – I live in the heart of NYC and find myself fully immersed in this fascinating and stimulating community of yoga, culture and publishing. It’s a very full life.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? Mindfulness – I keep my head up, look people in the eye and always say thank you. Seriously if you’re connected to people, your community and ultimately to yourself – you will be healthy – spiritually and physically.

Favorite drink? Coffee in the morning and green juices throughout the day… and vodka on Friday night!

Favorite workout? Yoga and a little dose of Soul Cycle a couple of times a week.

Favorite beauty product? Shamanuti’s Creme #1

Favorite vacation destination? With kids – Mohonk Mountain – my daughter thinks that it’s a castle… and so do I – I love it there!

Favorite flower? Lily

Favorite kitchen gadget? Vitamix – there is seriously life before Vitamix and life after…

Favorite book/magazine? I recently read Gone Girl and it was fun to have one of those books that you think about during the day… and then go to bed early for… so great! I LOVE New York Magazine – it’s a favorite and I read cover-to-cover.

Favorite item you can’t live without? Sadly – my iPhone… but I’ve been stopping strangers recently to ask them about their Galaxy phones… I think I’m about one more positive review away from purchasing.

How can people connect with you? Through our publication – I’m very much on the front lines.

P.S. Live in NYC? Alignyo just launched its Summer yoga program in Bryant Park! Enjoy free yoga classes led by YogaWorks instructors every Tuesday at 10AM and Thursday at 6PM.

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