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Charity: Water

Here at Purely Elizabeth we are thrilled to be a part of 1% for the planet, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. With over 1,500 non-profits to choose from, it’s never easy for us to decide where our donation will go. But after lots of research, we settled on the inspirational foundation known as charity: water for this years donation, which we could not be more excited about!

Our donation will directly fund a community water project from start to finish that will provide water for an entire community, and take approximately 18 months to complete. One of our favorite things about charity: water is that during the entire project they provide progress reports with updates, pictures, GPS coordinates, and community information so you can see tangible results every step of the way. We will be able to see how we (and you, through your support of purely elizabeth!) have made a direct positive impact on the lives of hundreds.

We should know soon the country where our project will be taking place, so stay tuned for updates! And read on below to learn more about this amazing charity.

Charity Water Logo

What is Charity: Water?

Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in over 20 developing countries. By sponsoring a water project, an entire community will gain access to fresh water, improving their health and overall quality of life. Along with providing a community with safe drinking water, charity: water also provides education initiatives to communities, giving them the opportunity to take full advantage of their new systems and use them to their fullest potential.

How does it Make an Impact?

Clean water is something many of us never imagine living without because we’ve never had to. But having access to clean water is considered a luxury for thousands of people living in developing countries. Having access to clean water changes lives, in so many ways.

Sanitation + Hygiene: Access to clean water promotes hand-washing, showering and overall cleanliness, reducing the risk of disease.

Health: 80% of diseases in the world are waterborne and preventable with clean water and improved sanitation.

Education: Millions of kids spend their days collecting water for their families or home sick with a water-related illness instead of going to school.

Women Empowerment: Women are twice as likely to walk for water. Water projects nearby can save time, and give women freedom and opportunity.

Food Security: Self-sufficient families can use water sources nearby to cook safely, clean their eating utensils and water their own gardens.

Economic Development: Every $1 invested in improved water access and sanitation yields $12 in economic returns, depending on the project.

Where Does the Money Go?

Because all of charity: water’s operation costs are paid for by private donors, all sponsorship donations go directly to funding the work on the ground. That means we’re paying for all the materials, local staff costs, mobilization and in-country program support.

What Kind of Water Systems are Created?

Each village or community is individually analyzed so that the ideal water solution can be tailored to that community’s specific needs. For example, in areas where ground water can’t be found, rainwater harvesting systems or BioSand filters are used. In areas where the water table is close to the surface, a hand-dug well is often the first solution. It’s all dependent on what that one specific community needs, and what is most beneficial and sustainable.

Thank you for supporting purely elizabeth and this amazing charity — we can’t wait to keep you updated as the project progresses.

Click here to read more about charity: water and learn how you can contribute to this inspirational foundation.

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