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Purely Favorites: Elizabeth Stein

Purely Favorites Elizabeth Stein

Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m the founder of purely elizabeth, a holistic health counselor and natural food lover.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? To me, it’s all about balance and making healthy decisions that are simple. There’s so much more to healthy living then just what you put in your body. Beyond consuming loads of greens, fruits and water, I believe you need to focus on having a consistent exercise routine, time in nature, ample sleep, healthy relationships and happiness at work…All of those combine for truly healthy living.

What’s your favorite snack? Right now I am on a kale chip craze. My favorite is Rhythm Superfoods Mango Habanero…+ our granola of course

Favorite drink? I’m not a big bottled drink person. But I’m loving this homemade smoothie with oranges, kale, kiwi and banana

Favorite workout? I like to change it up so I don’t get bored. Spinning, running, strength training, hiking.

Favorite beauty product? S.W. Basics Moisturizer

Favorite vacation destination? Last year I went to New Zealand to celebrate my 30th birthday. It is one of the most beautiful countries with adventure around every corner.

Favorite flower? Orchids are my favorite, but I can never seem to keep them alive!

Favorite kitchen gadget? Vitamix

Favorite book/magazine? Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford and Inc magazine.

Favorite item you can’t live without? My phone/laptop/iPad

How can people connect with you? FacebookTwitter, Instagram,  Pinterest + our quarterly magazine.

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