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Purely Favorites: Jennifer Kass

Purely Favorites Jennifer Kass

Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m a holistic happiness coach and spiritual mentor. My mission is to guide people in hearing their inner voice–their truth–so they can live their best lives and create more love on the planet.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? Self-love is the baseline of health. When we are choosing loving thoughts, actions and behaviors, we connect with who we really are, which is joyful and aligned with perfect well-being. This opportunity is in every moment, so this is why slowing down and becoming more mindful is so helpful. When we are in a pure space of self-love, we achieve sustainable happiness, allowing our internal abundance to reflect back to us with beautiful relationships, purpose-driven work, and financial freedom; our bodies cannot manifest illness in this space–if we are currently struggling with a health or weight condition, self-love puts us on the fast-track to healing.

What’s your favorite snack? Homemade kale chips! Nothing compares.

Favorite drink? I’m the “smoothie mixologist” for Well+GoodNYC and I made The Sunshine Booster Smoothie a couple months and it’s my new obsession. A spicy sweet mix of frozen pineapple, coconut water, ginger and turmeric.

Favorite workout? Yoga. I do it every day and it’s just so powerful in every way.

Favorite beauty product? 5 years ago I was sitting at my desk at Allure magazine testing for Best of Beauty and I came across Pangea Organics Face Scrub and it blew my mind–out of all the thousands of products I was testing. I discovered Joshua, the founder, was from my hometown (Boulder), so we became fast friends. I believe in his company so much that I became a Beauty Ecologist with Pangea Organics, to be part of the movement to bring organic, all-natural beauty care products to millions of households worldwide.

Favorite vacation destination? An adventure. We did a two-week road trip through the South of France–that was fun!

Favorite flower? Peonies. They also come out in my favorite season.

Favorite kitchen gadget? My Vitamix. But everyone probably says that. It’s a miracle-worker.

Favorite book/magazine? I can’t have a favorite book because every book I’ve read whether it was a novel or a spiritual journey, has changed my life.

Favorite item you can’t live without? Two: My iphone and my meditation crystal.

How can people connect with you? You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and all the rest and subscribe to my weekly videos on my blog at

We were also lucky enough to have Jennifer contribute to our Purely Summer Magazine. Get the recipe for her beautiful Summer Rainbow Salad!


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