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Purely Love: Road Trip Essentials

The end of August, trailing into fall is the perfect time to savor those last days of summer on a whimsical road trip adventure. Long car rides with windows down, music blasting and shades on. Taking in the scenes and stopping at random, with no real plans except an end destination. Here are a few road road trip essentials to help you travel in style.

Purely Love Road Trip Essentials

Travelogue | Anthropologie

Layla Rose Gold Headphones | Frends

Leica M9-P ‘Edition Hermes’ | Leica

The Transport Rucksack | Madewell

Cold Pressed Juices | BluePrintCleanse

Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Packs | Justin’s

Ancient Grain Granola Minis | purely elizabeth

Lennon Sunglasses | Modekungen

Stone Wash Authentic Slim | Vans

The Comedown Machine | The Strokes

The Best Of James Taylor | Amazon

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  1. Nancy #

    Feels like fall today!

    July 25, 2013

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