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Purely Favorites: Caroline Karasik

Purely Favorites Caroline Karrasik

Tell us a bit about yourself…  I am a health and fitness writer and editor, and the author of a forthcoming gluten-free healthy lifestyle book (it will be released in January 2014). My writing and recipe developments have been featured in various publications, including VegNewsKiwi and REDBOOK magazines. I am also currently studying to become a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I live with my husband, Dan, and four adopted cats in Pittsburgh, PA.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? My philosophy stems from my belief that “a healthy life shouldn’t be hard to find.” This mantra is not only the driving force behind my blog’s tongue-in-cheek name, but it is also one that has helped me to find a healthy personal balance. I don’t preach a rigid lifestyle, but instead encourage those interested in feeling great to experiment and use what works best for them, providing simple exercises and easy recipes that acknowledge a variety of healthy lifestyle choices. While all of my recipes are gluten-free, many also cater to vegans, vegetarians, and even nut- and soy-free diets.

How did you get started blogging? I started blogging in January 2011 after I was diagnosed with celiac disease in September 2010. I wanted The G-Spot Revolution to not only be a resource for people seeking more information about a gluten-free lifestyle, but to also serve as a medium for sharing my personal experiences.

What’s your favorite snack? If I don’t have my hand in a bag of purely elizabeth granola (original is my all-time favorite), then you will probably find me munching on sliced apples with peanut butter, hummus and veggies, or way too many handfuls of kettle corn.

Favorite drink? Sparkling water with a dash of lime. Especially in the summer –– so refreshing!

Favorite workout? I am first a runner, but I have learned how to appreciate the benefits of yoga and strength training. A solid practice helps mellow my sometimes zany, Type-A personality, and strength training makes me feel strong –– which I love.

Favorite beauty product? Benefit’s “that gal” brightening face primer –– it gives your skin a seamless finish and can really give your overall look a little oomph when you’re feeling tired.

Favorite vacation destination? The Thousand Islands, NY. This vacation spot is a tradition passed along from my mother’s parents and it has continued throughout the generations. It is a little piece of not-a-care-in-the-world heaven.

Favorite flower? Pom pom dahlias! If you have never seen one, then you must –– they are fantastic!

Favorite kitchen gadget? My Vitamix blender. It’s my baby.

Favorite book? The Great Gatsby. I first read it in the tenth grade and have read it over and over again throughout the years. I love that as I grow and change, the meaning behind those words does too.

Favorite item you can’t live without? My camera. It’s a must for taking gorgeous photos of yummy recipes and, of course, my cats. I am a true cat lady at heart, but, hey, that’s another interview, right?

How can people connect with you? You can find me at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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