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Purely Favorites: Rebeccah Wassner

Purely Favorites Rebbecah Wassner

Tell us a bit about yourself… I am a professional triathlete, new mom (to Amy Frances, born January 21, 2013) and a twin. I live in New York City with my husband, baby and dog (a rescue from Puerto Rico). With my twin sister, Laurel, I write the blog Athlete Food, about how to fuel for triathlons and healthy living.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? Healthy living means living a balanced lifestyle. My grandfather always told me that you have to be passionate and work really hard, but you also have to devote time to relaxing and spending time with family.

How did you get started blogging? I started blogging because people kept stopping Laurel and me on the street asking us what we ate. We don’t follow any strict diets, we just eat healthy, but tasty foods and now we have a way to share our recipes with our fans and other people who are interested in healthy eating.

What’s your favorite snack? Seasonal fresh fruit and a handful of nuts

Favorite drink? ZICO Coconut Water

Favorite workout? Riding my bike up the biggest mountain I can find

Favorite beauty product? Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer

Favorite vacation destination? New Paltz, in upstate New York. I have a house there and “vacation” there every weekend and all summer long.

Favorite flower? Yellow daffodil

Favorite kitchen gadget? Vitamix

Favorite book? Don’t have one!

Favorite item you can’t live without? My watch

How can people connect with you? People can connect with me through social media or just come right up to me at races. After races is better—before I’ll be in a zone with a game face on.

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