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Holiday Giveaway Day 3: NuttZo Nut and Seed Butters

For today’s Holiday goodie box, we are giving away 6 of our absolute FAVORITE nutbutters! NuttZo nut and seed butters are truly one of a kind. Chunky yet creamy and silky at the same time–made from a blend of 100% organic nuts and seeds. Our not-so-guilty pleasure is drizzling NuttZo over our oatmeal and granola!

Follow the link to enter to win!

And don’t forget there’s 13 day’s left to WIN! Click here for contest details.

Purely Holiday Giveaway Nuttzo

Meet Danielle, founder of NuttZo

What’s on your holiday wish list? That an angel’s wing will touch every orphaned child!

What are your favorite holiday foods? Pumpkin anything!!

What are you most looking forward to in 2014? In May my sister and I are going on an eight day trip with 10 lovely ‘Project Left Behind Angel’ ladies.  We will visit and volunteer at an orphanage that Project Left Behind supports and then go see Machu Picchu!

How can people find + connect with you? facebook, twitter, instagram @eatnuttzo

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