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Join Us In Our March Makeover

While here at purely elizabeth we believe you are what you eat, we also believe that overall health and well-being is about more than what you put in your body. March is National Nutrition Month and we want to dedicate it to bettering the health of ourselves, our relationships, our planet and our community.

>> Download our March Makeover 2014, stick it on your wall + get ready for a new you!

Below is a calendar of daily tasks to complete and to strive to maintain in your everyday life. All month long we’ll be posting delicious vegetarian and gluten-free recipes, and each Sunday we’ll provide you with a grocery list so you can stock up on the necessary ingredients. We recommend trying to follow a plant-based diet throughout the entire month (that means filling your plate with as many whole grains, veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds as possible). Our recipes are just a jumping off point, so stock up your pantry and go nuts!

Along with recipes, we’ll also provide nutrition tips, and health + wellness advice (because it really is all about balance after all). Every Monday we’ll offer up one or two key practices to implement into your daily routine that week. Each day is intended to build upon the one before, helping us ditch those bad habits and leaving us feeling energized, happy and positive.

March Makeover 2014

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