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Memorial Day Chip + Dip Giveaway

Memorial Day Chip and Dip Giveaway Facebook


We’ve got the chips + dip covered for your Memorial Day cookout! All week long you can enter to win 3 bags of Sea Salt Chips from Rhythm Superfoods + 3 jars of salsa from White Girl Salsa.


Enter to Win


Rhythm Superfoods: Sea Salt Superfood Chips

The nutritionally dense and naturally delicious Sea Salt Superfood Chips are made with a super veggie base containing sweet potato, carrot and broccoli, cut into perfect squares for dipping. These delicious baked superfood chips are gluten-free, non-GMO and have 3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and 15 whole grains per serving.

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White Girl Salsa: Hot Tomatillo, Smokey Chipotle + Cranberry Mango

Vibrant, tomatillo-based blends that are fresh, sassy, and just a bit spicy. In each variety, tomatillo, cilantro, and lime come together for some flavorful fun without the preservatives and fillers. White Girl Salsa’s zesty, gourmet flavors are the perfect addition to your cookout spread, whether you’re scooping it onto a salty chip or topping off your grilled entrees.

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