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10 Metabolism Boosting Weapons

What is metabolism? Metabolism is the total of all chemical reactions in the body–all molecules and hormones that are responsible for burning calories and regulating weight. Our eating behavior, stress levels, quality of food, bio-individuality, changes in our environment and physical activity all effects the way we metabolize food.

Kale Salad

What are some common metabolism killers?

Inflammation: Inflammation is a cutting edge word these days in the area of nutrition and obesity. More and more research shows the direct link between obesity, disease and inflammation. Being overweight promotes inflammation and inflammation promotes obesity creating a never ending cycle.

Free Radicals: Free radicals in the body slow down your metabolism by inhibiting the mitochondria. In addition, inflammation, processed foods, trans fats, sugars, and heavy metals also damage mitochondria function. Mitochondria combine the calories you consume with oxygen and turn them into energy… So if they are damaged it causes a reduction in the metabolic power of the mitochondria and the ability to burn calories.

Thyroid: The main role of the thyroid is to stimulate metabolism. It is one of the top 3 hormones along with insulin and cortisol that control your weight and metabolism.

Toxicity: Toxins from within our bodies and toxins from the environment both contribute to obesity. Getting rid of toxins and boosting your natural detoxification system are essential for long term weight loss and a healthy metabolism. Toxins interfere with the thyroid hormone levels, slowing down metabolism as well as inhibiting the mitochondria again slowing metabolism. Toxins also block the hormone leptin that tells your body you are full. So this can increase your appetite.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Certain foods can help increase your metabolism. Here are 10 of our favorites…

1. Omega-3s. Daily salmon or fish oil controls fat metabolism and calms inflammation. They also help combat depression.

2. Sea Vegetables. Contains abundant minerals and iodine which nourish the thyroid function and detoxify the body.

3. Spirulina. An excellent whole food source of fat burning GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) and provides a very usable source of protein.

4. Flax Seeds. High in omega-3’s and soluble fiber. They will not only help you rev up your metabolism, but keep you feeling full so you eat less.

5. Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is made up of lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid found in mother’s milk that supports a healthy metabolism. It’s also a powerful thyroid booster and helps to increase energy. Read more about coconut oil’s amazing benefits.

6. Raw Cacao. High in magnesium to relax the stressed body and the highest antioxidant food to fight free radicals.

7. Probiotics. Replenish good bacteria in the gut and help to calm inflammation. Fermented foods such as keifer, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and miso are great sources of probiotics.

8. B Complex Vitamins. Help to detoxify body of excess cortisol and balance your mood.

9. Leafy Greens. Detoxify the body and rich in Vitamin A which helps with thyroid function.

10. Brazil Nuts. Highest dose of selenium which nourishes the thyroid, protects from free radicals (only need 2 a day!).

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  1. Love it! Wish I could “like” this ten times over! Keep spreading the word and making we’ll make in a difference in this culture some day. Blessings,

    May 27, 2014
    • Thanks Ellie! That’s the goal, trying to spread the word so people actually know how the foods they eat affect their bodies.

      May 28, 2014
  2. This is a great list of metabolism boosting foods! Not only would it help their weight-loss but they would feel so much better if they implemented these into their regular diet.

    Great reminder of the importance of these foods!

    May 27, 2014

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