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This Weeks Training Tips

Hi everyone! I’m Cassie, the blogger behind Almost Getting it Together. After talking about clothes all day at my job in social media, I wanted an outlet to talk about my passions other than fashion – traveling, running, living a healthy lifestyle and of course, food!

I love sharing my knowledge and encouraging others to be the best that they can be. To do just that, I’m bringing you a three part series to talk about training for races in the height of marathon season. This is the third part in my series – race day and recovery. Check out my previous post on training tips and what to eat before, during and after a race.

Before the Race
After months of training the big day is fast approaching – race day! Even though it is important to taper (running less miles to let your legs rest), it’s necessary to still focus on nutrition, hyrdration and getting enough sleep the week before a race so all your hard work pays off.
-Girls – let the high heels have a week off this week. You don’t want your calves to feel tight!
-A day or two before the race, decide how you are getting to the start line. For big races, many roads are closed off so you may have to plan an alternate route than normal. Check the weather to be sure you’re wearing the right clothes.
-Make a plan with your family and friends on where you are going to meet them after the race as well incase you don’t run with your phone – finishing areas are often crowded!
-The night before race day, set out everything you will need for the race, including pinning your race bib to your shirt. You’ll be waking up super early so you want to be prepared.
-Pack a change of clothes (including what you’ll be wearing under your clothes), a snack, your race nutrition (gels, etc.), baby wipes, deodorant, a little cash (always be prepared!), your watch and whatever else you think you may need. You can leave all your extras in the bag check.

During the Race
You got this! Remember, you’ve spent months training for this moment so you are prepared – don’t think otherwise.
Have fun, smile for the cameras and enjoy the experience.
Be sure to keep listening to your body to know when you need water or fuel during the race. If you start to feel tired or have negative thoughts, drink more water. If your legs are getting heavy, have some fuel.

After the Race
Once you cross the finish line, the hard work is over but you’re not quite finished. If you don’t take proper recovery steps, walking might be a little harder than normal for the next few days and you won’t be as strong as you were on race day.
-Rehydrate! You lost a lot of fluid and electrolytes during the race. Don’t rely on just water – replenish with electrolytes. Try Nuun or coconut water for the most nourishing effects.
-Refuel. You just ran a bunch of miles so you’re more than likely very hungry. Try to stick to a 4:1 carb to protein ratio to rebuild your muscles and replenish your carb stores. Two of my favorite ways to refuel are with my gluten-free breakfast quesadilla and my peach, goat cheese and almond butter pancakes.

A perfect refuel after a run

-Stretch and foam roll. Take the extra 10 or 15 minutes and stretch out and foam roll your legs. It doesn’t seem like these two things will make a big difference but they will.
-Schedule a massage. It sounds a little indulgent, yes, but do it. It make a serious difference when you get the lactic acid worked out of your muscles.
-Go to yoga. Don’t push yourself too hard but take a class and focus on stretching those tired muscles!

What is your next race? Do you have any other race day tips or tricks?

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  1. Brittany #

    Cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this series. I am a very new runner trying to work up the courage for my first race. I loved reading every single bit of this.

    October 4, 2014

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