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Kaniwa, Considered a New Superfood!

Originally from the Andes Mountains in Peru, Kaniwa it is a nutrient dense grain. It has a mild, nutty taste and doesn’t contain the sour elements some grains can have when cooked. It is considered a high-quality protein containing flavonoids and a whole range of vitamins and minerals. Lavonoids are among the most intensively-studied antioxidants, and Kaniwa has been shown to contain exceptionally high levels of flavonoids, particularly isorhamnetin and quercetin. In addition to providing anti-aging benefits for the skin, flavonoids may help prevent cardiovascular diseases, inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and viruses, and reduce the risk of certain inflammatory diseases.

Contains Kaniwa and Quinoa!

Contains Kaniwa and Quinoa!

Kaniwa, like its cousin quinoa, is naturally gluten-free; yet, it is supercharged with B vitamins and a wide range of minerals, including calcium, iron and phosphorus As Kaniwa is closely related to quinoa, it is not surprising that also Kaniwa is loaded with high-quality protein that contains notable amounts of all essential amino acids, including lysine which is usually found only in small amounts in grains. In fact, Kaniwa has been shown to contain even more protein than quinoa (around 16% compared with 13% reported for quinoa)!



Try this recipe using …Purely Elizabeth Ancient Hot Grain Cereal…



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