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Kicking Off Our 4th Annual Purely Holiday Giveaway!

 Purely Holiday Giveaway 2014

In light of the holiday season, we’ve once again teamed up with some of our favorite companies to host the 4th Annual Purely Holiday Giveaway! We love these brands because of their passion for creating unique all-natural + good-for-you products. So get ready for 15 days of pure bliss–15 companies, 15 prizes, 15 chances to win!


The giveaway will run December 1st – December 19th and will consist of a different contest on our Facebook page each day (weekdays only).

1. Visit our Facebook page daily throughout the 15 days. Each day you must like, share and comment on that day’s contest post to win a gift box from one of the featured brands.

2. Each day, entrants will be put into a pool and the winner will be chosen at random through a random number generator.

3. We will announce and contact the winner the following morning.

The Prizes:

SW Basics Skin Cream

S.W. Basics makes all of their products from scratch using only whole, high-potency ingredients. Their motto is: less is everything, which is why they stick with the essentials. Their face cream is the mother of all S.W. Basics products. It starts with wild-harvested shea butter  from an incredible Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana. They add some organic extra-virgin coconut oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil–creating an extremely rich cream that sinks deep into the skin a stays there!

NuttZo’s Seven Nut and Seed Butter Crunchy + Single Serve Packs

NuttZo makes gourmet nut + seed butters. The healthiest, most unique super-butter on the planet actually. Packed full of so many healthy ingredients such as, organic peanuts, organic cashews, organic almonds, organic flax seeds, + other nuts. Get a a couple squeezable to-go packs along with a jar of their Crunchy Seven Nut and Seed Butter.

NibMor Drinking Chocolates, Bars + Daily Doses

NibMor’s decadent chocolate is created using the most delicious organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade and gluten-free ingredients. NibMor is a premium snack brand catering to the health-minded female consumer who doesn’t want to sacrifice pleasure. With a variety of three drinking chocolates and five delectable chocolate bars, you’ll have to hide them from everyone!

Simply Squares Chili Spice + Cho-coco Bar

Simplified Foods is on a mission to create simple, great tasting and healthy snacks. Their flagship products, Simple Squares®, are all natural, organic nutrition bars infused with honey and herbs. With so many unique flavors it is hard to choose a favorite! Their chili spice bar will leave awaken your taste buds. The zest + zing of Chili Pepper provides numerous benefits to the body. Their cho-coco bar delivers a punch of flavor + goodness to your heart.

Owl’s Brew Gift Set

Owl’s Brew is fresh-brewed and ready-to-pour tea “crafted for cocktails”.  Owl’s Brew is the first ever “tea crafted for cocktails”. It is one of the only products on the market that is fresh-brewed and bottled. In the gift set you’ll get a trio of Owl’s Brew!  Each gift set contains three 8oz blends: Pink & Back, The Classic and Coco-Lada. Yum!

Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery’s Pancake + Waffle Mix

Birch Benders is a gourmet organic pancake + waffle mix that’s made simply by adding water. Birch Benders uses only the finest natural and organic ingredients—ingredients both you and your grandparents would recognize. They start with a perfect blend of wheat-free flours, then add their signature Oregon hazelnut meal, resulting in, dare we say, pancake poetry. But don’t take their word for it—the proof is in the pancake!

Aura Cacia Mix of Essential Oils

Aura Cacia uses high-quality essential oils and uniquely deals face-to-face with the people growing the plants and extracting the essential oil. They believe that essential oils may be the ultimate gift from nature. Made from the aromatic essences of plants, they have a remarkable ability to affect a person’s well-being and improve the environment around them. Explore the many essential oils offered by Aura Cacia, that can help you achieve physical, emotional, mental + spiritual well-being.

For Such a Time “Eat Purely” Stamped Spoon + “Eat Clean” Stamped Fork

For Such a Time handcrafts stamped Silver Flatware made with vintage spoons for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, meal time, coffee time, or anytime special! We’re giving away a hand stamped spoon with “Eat Purely” imprinted on it, plus a hand stamped fork with “Eat Clean” printed on it. You can also purchase the “Eat Purely” spoons on our website for a creative holiday gift!

Meow Meow Tweet Soy Candles

Meow Meow crafts all of their goods as if they were modern culinary dishes, starting with a scent combination.  Each concoction is carefully mixed by hand to produce the perfect aroma and healthful benefits, resulting in uniquely therapeutic and aromatic products. Their products are made with organic plant oils and butters. With smells this amazing, these candles are constantly lit in our office!

Rawpothecary Seed Milks 

Made with almost all organic ingredients, these seed milks are loaded with protein and fiber! They are also rich in minerals and vitamins E & B6, known to be beneficial for skin. They are 100% natural, no preservatives, gluten-free and vegan. Every seed milk is a delicious source of energy!

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