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Pumpkin Pear Spiced Smoothie from Chickpea In The City

Love this fun recipe from Addie Martanovic! We just had to share her creation.


I think this year I’ve become more obsessed with pumpkin and banana. A weird combination to most but when they’re blended together, a whole new world is opened up. The sweetness of the banana with the fall flavor of the pumpkin is unbeatable. I love having this smoothie for a snack post-class or in the morning for breakfast. It’s like having dessert in the middle of the day and is a great pick me up of energy. Whenever I make it, I never use measurements because really… who needs them sometimes? A little bit of vanilla, a dash of pumpkin spice, 3 chunks of frozen banana.. Whatever works.

I wanted to put a date in this smoothie for extra sweetness but then I realized I had bought a Pumpkin Pie Lara Bar the other day and decided to use half of it in this smoothie. I first noticed the pumpkin flavor last year and was HOOKED. Lara Bar came out with a Pumpkin Pie flavor and Snickerdoodle last year and when I first tried them, I am almost positive I kept going back to Whole Foods every week for more. Around a month ago, I kept checking to see when my Whole Foods would get them in and FINALLY, they arrived.

The pumpkin pie flavor’s ingredient list is simple and delicious (as always) including dates, cashews, almonds, DRIED PUMPKIN, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. The best dessert around the holidays because its like a mini pumpkin pie in bar form with the best ingredients a pie could ever have. When you’re on the go and you whip out one of these bars from your purse, it’s like a portable pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie at your desk, pumpkin pie on the subway, pumpkin pie EVERYWHERE!

With this Lara Bar and some other easy ingredients, I managed to blend together an amaaaazing smoothie that you need to make right away instead of chugging down a pumpkin spice latte… because we all know real pumpkin is better! pear smoothie

If you want to you can add more milk and more ice to this to make it fill up a larger glass, along with more granola or pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews… really any super food or nut topping would taste amazing with it. I’m starting to eat/drink/blend these smoothies a few times a week because the ingredients are super simple and bananas are always in my freezer.

I buy my pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin puree at Trader Joe’s for suuuuper cheap and if you don’t have Purely Elizabeth granola (shame on you because it’s the best out there) you can use another brand obviously! Most people I know don’t use protein powder or know about Sunwarrior but I highly recommend it as an organic, dairy-free plant-based protein powder. I use it in this smoothie to give a vanilla flavor (aside from extra protein) but you can easily substitute with a splash of vanilla extract!

– See more at:

Purely Love: Oatmeal Toppings

Oatmeal gets a bad rap for being boring. Our new Ancient Grain Oatmeal + Hot Cereal is anything but boring. Ours is packed with ancient grains + superfood seeds, all 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan and non gmo. Plus, we like to add these fun toppings to our oatmeal for the MOST delicious decadent breakfast!

Purely Love Oatmeal Toppings

Organic Maple Syrup | Coomb’s Family Farms

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar | Big Tree Farms

Madagascar Vanilla Extract | Nielsen Massey

Vanilla Coconut Yogurt | Organic Avenue

Ancient Grain Granola Cereal | purely elizabeth.

Tea-rrific Stawberry Jam | The Jam Stand

Crunchy Original | Nuttzo

Here are the tastiest toppings, now you just need the oatmeal! Stock up on our Ancient Grain Oatmeals + Hot Cereal today through tomorrow 9/20 while they’re still 15% off! Enter coupon code: ILOVEOATMEAL at checkout.

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All Four Oatmeal Bags

Purely Love: Gluten-Free

Purely Love Gluten Free

Granola: Ancient Grain Granola Cereal | purely elizabeth

Pancake Mix: Perfect Pancake Mix | purely elizabeth

Cracker: Oat + Seed Crisps | Lesley Stowe

Chips: Sweet Chili Chips | Way Better Snacks

Pasta Sauce: Big Red Marinara Sauce | Hoboken Farms

Pasta: Rotini Brown Rice Pasta | Lundberg

Frozen Food: Vegetable Egg Rolls | Feel Good Foods

Dessert: Miracle Meyer Lemon Tarts | Hail Merry’s

Cider: Granny Smith | Woodchuck Hard Cider

Beer: Pale Ale | Omission

Purely Favorites: Dani Sturtz

Purely Favorites Dani Sturtz

Tell us a bit about yourself…
 My name is Dani Sturtz. I am an AADP certified, holistic health coach/nutrition counselor, a second grade teacher, a Pilates instructor at Power Pilates, and I run with Central Park Track Club-New Balance.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? My philosophy on healthy living is to eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. Eating well means eating natural, whole foods as much as possible.

How did you get started blogging?
 I recently started blogging because I wanted (and still want) to share my passion for running and living a healthy life style with others. I hope to inspire people to make changes (big or small) that will help them be healthier, feel better, and live longer!

What’s your favorite snack? My favorite snack right now is a smoothie. These days I’m really enjoying a green smoothie-large handful of spinach, ½-frozen banana, ¼ cup frozen blueberries, ½ cup unsweetened so delicious almond milk (5g of protein), ½ cup of water, and 1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed. Then I top it with purely elizabeth granola (usually pumpkin fig flavor because it’s my favorite). It is delicious!

Favorite drink? My favorite drink is filtered water with lemon or Polar brand flavored seltzers.

Favorite workout?
 My favorite workout is running! I also enjoy bar classes (pure barre & physique57), dancing, pilates, Soul Cycle and yoga!

Favorite beauty product?
 My favorite beauty product is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose, petal or plain

Favorite vacation destination?
 My favorite vacation destination is Hilton Head South Carolina. It is so peaceful, the beaches are beautiful, and there are cute towns to walk around.

Favorite flower?
 My favorite flower is a sunflower. They make me happy.

Favorite kitchen gadget?
 My favorite kitchen gadget is definitely a vitamix. That is one amazing machine!

Favorite book? I’m not sure if I have a favorite book, but I really enjoyed reading Born to Run.

Favorite item you can’t live without? My favorite item I can’t live without is my Garmin running watch. It tells me everything I need to know about my run-distance run, speed, calories burned etc.

How can people connect with you? People can connect with me on my blog: In Good Health,  twitter, facebook or instagram.

Purely Love

Purely Love 9.5

Elizabeth- I just got a Maxboost Atomic Air External Protective iPhone 5 Battery Case and it’s a life saver. The rechargeable case adds up to 10 much needed extra hours of battery life.

Also, Lotus Foods just came out with a  Heat and Eat Forbidden Black Rice Bowl. It’s super easy and convenient–ready in 90 seconds. My favorite is their black rice for its nice nutty flavor.

Julie- I’m loving Organic Avenue’s Probiotic Coconut Yogurt. It has a thick, creamy texture and strong vanilla flavor. I love it for a refreshing breakfast, snack or dessert. Preferably topped with our Pumpkin Fig!

Caroline- My new Yogi Toes’ Moonstone Skidless® yoga mat cover. It keeps me from slipping on my mat and then I just toss it in the wash after class.

Megan- Josie Maran’s Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer. It’s great because you can use it anywhere. I use it on my face, nails and hair. It helps to combat the drying effects of the changing seasons.

Purely Favorites: Maria Guadagno

Purely Favorites Maria Guadagno

Tell us a bit about yourself… In a nutshell, I love to explain why we are what we eat and make healthy food taste good.

As a Health Coach, I help women lose weight and get vibrantly healthy through a proven 6-month, one-on-one program. I guide clients step-by-step towards achieving their wellness and health goals, so they can live life in a body they love.

I’m also a Natural Foods Chef, so I develop yummy recipes that not only taste good, but are good for you. I wrote Detox without the Deprivation, which includes a 3-day meal plan that is naturally cleansing so you can detox without a juice fast.

I’ll be hosting my first Thin, Happy, & Glowing Event this Fall in NYC. It’s a crash course in healthy eating and living, with a cooking demonstration, a delicious lunch, and recipes to take home so you can put your new knowledge into action right away.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living?

The Recipe for Healthy Living =

An Organic, Whole Food, Plant-Centric Diet +

Accepting Yourself Right in This Moment +

Lots of Love & True Happiness +

Sunshine (Vitamin D!) +

A Daily Sweat

How did you get started blogging? I wanted to share my nutrition knowledge to help people understand that food is functional. It serves a purpose: it affects our energy, our mood, how we look, how we feel, our even our illness and cancer risk.

Once people learn why they should eat healthy though, they often don’t know what to do with their vegetables or where to start, so I wanted to make my blog a resource for them.

What’s your favorite snack? Raw Almonds, and NibMor’s Dark Chocolate Daily Dose

Favorite drink? Besides water, fresh coconut water either straight from the coconut or from Harmless Harvest

Favorite workout? P90X

Favorite beauty product? Aloe Vera for skin + SW Basics Lip Balm

Favorite vacation destination? I adore the South of France, with its beautiful bougainvillea, clear water, and laid-back atmosphere. Plus, I get to practice my French and eat really good food.

Favorite flower? Flowers are like children to me, I can’t choose a favorite. I love Persian Buttercups, Snap Dragons, Miniature Roses, Peonies, and Hydrangea.

Favorite kitchen gadget? Vitamix, hands down.

Favorite book? The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

Favorite item you can’t live without? My iPhone. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

How can people connect with you?

facebooktwitter, pinterest, instagram

Purely Favorites: Marissa Vicario

Purely Favorites Marissa Vicario

Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Healthy Living Expert and Blogger. I’m a total fitness fanatic and I love anything related to health and wellness. In my coaching practice, I help women transform their love-hate relationship with food and turbocharge their health with real food in a way that’s fun and fearless. No crazy diets or juice cleanses required.

What’s your philosophy on healthy living? Healthy living isn’t about being perfect and eating perfect. If you have the knowledge you need, feel in tune with your body and trust yourself to make good choices, you will — and you’ll do it consistently.

What’s your favorite snack? Chia pudding. It’s so filling and satisfying. If I’m feeling really over the top, I’ll make my chia pudding parfait.

Favorite drink? I rely on my big mason jar of water with slices of citrus, cucumber and a sprig of mint to get me through the day. I also love a good green juice and unwinding at night with a cup of Yogi Tea’s Green Tea Kombucha Decaf.

Favorite workout? Don’t get me started! There are so many boutique fitness studios I’m loving right now, but nothing beats a good run or bike ride with my Charity Miles app, a free app that lets you walk, run or bike to raise money for charity.

Favorite beauty product? Coconut oil! I use it as my nighttime moisturizer. It’s the best thing out there!

Favorite vacation destination? I love the beach. Turks & Caicos is my favorite place I’ve been. Maldives is on my wish list.

Favorite flower? Roses, because my middle name is Rose.

Favorite kitchen gadget? My mandolin is my favorite find. I can make elegant-looking salads in no time with it and it means I don’t have to spend hours chopping and slicing veggies by hand.

Favorite book/magazine? The Dali Lama’s The Art of Happiness. One of my best friends gifted it to me as a high school graduation present. I’ve read it several times since then and with age and experience, I always find deeper meaning.

Favorite item you can’t live without? My Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. It goes everywhere with me and holds everything. Living in NYC, it’s definitely always full.

How can people connect with you? My web site, Blog, FacebookTwitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn. I’m everywhere!

Purely Love: Fall Accessories

Purely Love Fall Accessories

Farm Rucksack | Makr

Marco Tortoise Polarized | Toms

The Picnic Clutch | Marie Turnor Accessories

Slim Double Wrap Watch | Michael Kors

Quartz Ankle Boot | Free People

Grier Ballet Flat | Loeffler Randall

Quartz Ankle Boot | Free People

Alpaca Infinity Scarf | Cuyana

South Western Cuff | Madewell

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