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Pledge for a Healthier Food System

Every time we eat, we have a chance to make a difference. Know what’s going in your mouth! Say yes to more history, less mystery. The 1% for the Planet pledge is LIVE, thanks to our friends at Help us reach our goal of at least 5,000 signatures.

Meet the leaders at the forefront of changing the way food gets produced, distributed, and consumed.

Here at purely elizabeth, we donate 1% of sales to preserve the health of our environment and to provide for future generations. We support Rodale Institute, the pioneer in the organic food movement, in their groundbreaking research in organic agriculture, advocating for policies that support farmers and educating people about how organic is the safest, healthiest option for people and the planet.

If you eat food, learn more about why you should care at

1% for the Planet Food Activation

Now Certified B Corp!

Certified B Corp RGB

We are proud to announce that we are now officially a Certified B Corporation — joining admirable companies such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Seventh Generation who use business as a force for good!

B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems — adhering to a triple bottom line of caring for our community, our workers, and our environment. Certified B Corps are leading a global movement to redefine success in business. By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business.

We became a B Corp to be part of an innovative and inspiring community. We believe that surrounding ourselves with likeminded companies that are passionate about sustainability will help us grow while still staying true to our core values.

community logo cloud 2014

Find out more about B Corp + learn how you can B the Change. 

Oatmeal for a Healthy Heart

February is the month of love! It is also coincidentally American Heart Month — reminding us as we embark on the new year that nothing is more important than thinking about our life choices and how those choices impact our health and well-being.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD)—including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure—is the number 1 killer of men and women in the United States — a staggering and heart-wrenching statistic. But the good news is there are many preventative steps you can take to decrease your risk for CVD by making simply changes in your daily routine.

6 Grain Oatmeal and Bananas Booklet

Diet is a huge factor in preventing CVD. Limiting your saturated fats and cholesterol will reduce plaque build up and increase your heart health. One of the best foods for this is oatmeal! Whole-grains are essential to your diet because of their fiber and rich nutrient content. Oatmeal is packed with soluble fiber, which is linked to lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and lowering your risk of heart disease.

Having fiber in your diet can also protect against obesity, which is directly correlated to increased risk for CVD. Fiber helps to lower your insulin levels, preventing a blood sugar spike post-meal. Why is this important? When you have high insulin levels for long periods of time your body stores the extra energy as fat increasing your chances for obesity. Foods with low glycemic loads that won’t cause blood sugar spikes include veggies, berries, nuts and seeds, beans, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, rye and oatmeal — our favorite!

With up to 5 grams a fiber in 1/3 cup of purely elizabeth oatmeal, this amounts to 20% of your recommend daily intake. Women need 25 grams of fiber per day, and men need 38 grams per day, according to the Institute of Medicine.

Our oatmeal is also free of added sugar — a big plus when keeping keeping your GI in check as sugar is the highest GI carbohydrate. If we’re looking to sweeten our oats up we use coconut sugar, a low-glycemic sweetener that won’t cause the dreaded insulin spike. Another favorite oatmeal topping of ours is purely elizabeth granola + fruit — combined it can add up to around 10 grams of fiber (almost half of your recommend daily intake)!

Your food choices shouldn’t be boring, and neither should caring about your health! We want healthy hearts this year, so make small goals to change your lifestyle on your path to prevention.

The Purely Winter Magazine is Here — Get Your Digital OR Printed Copy!

Purely Winter Magazine 2015 Cover

Cozy up + get reading — Our Purely Winter Magazine is here! AND this time you can buy your very own printed copy…

View/download for free OR purchase a printed copy.

A peek at what you’ll find inside:

– Over 25 gluten-free winter recipes

– Purely Chatting with makeup mogul, Bobbi Brown

– Purely Approved: Our Top Healthy Packaged Food Picks

– Ancient Grains 5 Ways


Purely Winter Brunch Buffet

Winter Brunch Buffet

Cinnamon Affogato | Purely Winter Magazine, purely elizabeth

 Cinnamon Affogato

Rosemary Truffle Marcona Almonds | Purely Winter Magazine, purely elizabeth

 Rosemary Truffle Marcona Almonds

Kale Salad with Golden Raisins, Pistachios, Hemp Seeds + Tahini Dressing

Kale Salad with Golden Raisins, Pistachios, Hemp Seeds + Tahini Dressing 

Gift Guide: For Her

For Her

Need more ideas? Get the full Purely Holiday Gift Guide–creative ideas for everyone on your list!

Healthy Happy Hour Yoga Benefit

We are thrilled to be a part of Healthy Happy Hour with Sasha Nelson and Edible Schoolyard NYC this Friday, November 14th. Proceeds will go to Edible Schoolyard NYC, a non-profit organization that partners with New York City public schools to build gardens and kitchen classrooms, creating an interdisciplinary, seed-to-table education for the students.


Please join us in supporting ESYNYC as they change the way our future generation approaches food!

Spread the wealth, spread the health. Peace, love, and healthy happy hour!

Purely Chatting with Elizabeth.

This week marks purely elizabeth’s 5 year anniversary. Here we take a look back at the past + chat with company founder, Elizabeth Stein. 

Elizabeth Stein, Purely Elizabeth Founder

10 years ago, what did you envision as being your career path? At 23 I really wasn’t clear on my career path. I was living in NYC and definitely finding my way. At the time, I was taking handbag design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and started a line of handbags and belts. I wrote a business plan and started selling to a few stores. As chance would have it, I was wearing one of my designs out to dinner and a woman walked up to me and complimented my bag. Conversation ensued and the next day I was interviewing for a job at the handbag company where she was employed. The following week I was hired. My life is all about moments that are meant to be.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Don’t hesitate. My dad said early on don’t wait, there can be someone tomorrow who will come in and do what you are doing. I am grateful for taking the risk and going for it when I did. 5 years ago we began the trend of ancient grains. People had no idea what they were. I just read yesterday that Cheerios is coming out with Ancient Grain Cheerios!

What are your tricks for balancing work and play? I’m a big believer in balance in everything that I do. I like to work hard and play hard as well. At the beginning this was not as easy. But today, I know that taking time away from the computer will actually be more helpful and bring a different perspective to things. I think the best in the early morning working out or at the end of the day cooking in the kitchen.

What’s your nutrition philosophy? When it comes to nutrition I’m not one for extremes or deprivation. I’m all about balance. I try to live by the 80/20 rule.  Focusing most of my diet on plant based proteins, greens and gluten-free grains. I try to limit dairy, animal protein and refined sugar. I find that this way of eating has allowed me to feel my best and maintain consistent weight. I think as soon as people put foods on a “no” list, it sets you up for failure.

What’s new and exciting at purely elizabeth? We have a really exciting 2015 ahead of us.  2015 is all about growth – new products, new retail outlets and new team members. Plus my first cookbook will launch in the Fall. I can’t wait for what’s ahead.

Elizabeth Stein, purely elizabeth founder


Healthy Snack Foods: I’m actually not mush of a snacker, but if the craving hits I probably have whatever is in the office –  Our granola plus Quinn popcorn, Rhythm Kale Chips, Nuttzo, White Girl Salsa + Late July Chips. One of the best things about being in this industry is trading with other food brands. Our office is always stocked!

Breakfast: Our cranberry pecan granola with almond milk and banana- Although our newest breakfast item (launching March 2015) might soon be replacing these!

Go-to lazy dinner recipe: I’ve been traveling a ton lately so I always make sure my pantry and freezer are stocked with a good meal. My go-to, easy meal is gluten-free pasta (I’ve been really into making my own) with Rao’s Arrabiata sauce, frozen kale, hemp seeds and truffle salt. So easy but the taste is completely satisfying.

Must-have pantry staples: My pantry is stocked with 10 different gluten-free flours, about 7 different gluten-free grains and every nut, seed and dried fruit. It’s basically set up for product development at anytime : )  Oh and olive oil, coconut oil, truffle oil, gluten-free pasta and crackers.

Indulgence: Hands down wine and cheese -preferably chardonnay and midnight moon goats milk cheese.

Cookbook: I just bought plenty and am drooling over the pictures.

Nutrition Book:  Mark Hyman Ultra metabolism.

Skincare product: I’ve been obsessed with Revision Intellishade – it’s a tinted anti-aging moisturizer/sunscreen.

Workout: Right now I’m alternating days with hot power vinyayas yoga, bootcamp, running and hiking.

Morning ritual: I wake up pretty early, get on the computer and do a little work then head out for a workout. Back on the computer, eat purely for breakfast and shoot a few food pics for our blog/Instagram/magazine/cookbook… then head to the office.

Sunday activity: Going out and enjoying beautiful Colorado!  Right now the fall weather has been unbelievable, so I’ve been doing lots of hiking on some golfing. Outdoor activities followed by lots of experimenting in the kitchen.

Place to visit: I’d love to go to Napa right now.

Watch Purely’s Journey with Founder, Elizabeth Stein

Purely Elizabeth from Eve Cohen on Vimeo.

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